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by Michael Harper

Dry-Wipe Interactive Activity Book And Pen


This Dry-Wipe Interactive Activity Book is a never-ending resource designed to help children learn to write and draw. They can then simply wipe the book clean so they can start all over again for hours of fun.

They will learn how to:
• write within the lines
• practice pen control
• draw various shapes
• write in lowercase and uppercase letters
• count up to 100
• unscramble words.

These activities will help children improve their hand-to-eye coordination and boost their memory skills. They also include references and illustrations from diverse cultures.

• pen control
• lowercase letters
• shapes
• uppercase letters
• anagrams
• numbers
• two-letter words
• three-letter words
• four-letter words
• five-letter words
• maths addition
• maths subtraction
• dot-to-dot
• wordsearch
• mazes
• Os and Xs practice
• free roam.

Age: 3+

Book size: 200mmx280mm.

Pen included.