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by LoveRems

Black Castor Oil Hair Cream


LoveRems Black Castor Oil Hair Cream offers amazing benefits to the hair and scalp naturally. It moisturises and conditions dry hair and adds shine to lifeless, dull hair. Contains black castor oil, unrefined shea butter, grapeseed oil and lavender oil.

Black castor oil deeply moisturises the hair, treats the dry scalp and promotes hair growth. Its healing properties enhance blood circulation and its emollient qualities help to soften the hair.

Shea butter deeply conditions the hair and scalp, containing anti-inflammatory properties and aiding conditions such as eczema and dandruff. It also conrains vitamins A and E which keep the hair soft.

Grapeseed oil encourages hair growth. It contains an extensive range of proteins and minerals to benefit and promote healthy hair.

All ingredients are natural, chemical free, cruelty free and vegan.