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by Michael Harper

Pairs Dry Wipe Interactive 5-In-1 Reusable Learning Cards


This interactive illustrated 'Pairs' card deck has been designed to make learning enjoyable for all. The deck is inspired by African and Caribbean cultures and has a 5-in-1 feature, so you can use the pack for multiple purposes. It includes a Games ad Rules card explaining how it all works.

The deck can be used to play various games or simply to improve reading and writing skills. For example, a child can be helped to fill in the white lines to complete the image and trace over the words to improve handwriting skills.

The pack includes a dry wipe marker allowing you to re-use the cards time and time again. 

Contains 30 flash cards and 15 pairing cards.

Card dimensions: A6 (105mm x 148mm).

Age: baby and toddler.

Caution: we recommend and strongly advise that all children under 3 years old should be supervised when playing with the flashcards. This is to prevent an accident that can be caused by a baby or child chewing or eating them, leading to choking.