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by Aso Global

Yoruba Proverb 1 Mug


This glossy, bright orange ceramic mug by Aso Global features the Yoruba proverb ‘Iwà lewà’ meaning, ‘Character is beauty'.

The Yoruba language is one of Africa's most widely spoken languages, with millions of speakers worldwide.  It is the unifying language of the collective Yoruba people.

Proverbs have always provided a powerful means of sharing knowledge, experience, beliefs, and ideas. In a few words, they can awaken, motivate, empower, teach, and inspire. The Yoruba equivalent has an important place in Yoruba traditions. These original Yoruba proverbs can serve us all.

The mug is double-sided: one side in Yoruba, the other side in English. 

Supplied boxed.

Dishwasher safe.