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by Leke Apena

A Prophet Who Loved Her


She chose her heart. He chose the church. Fate reunited them. Can love save them?

Esther, a bisexual Nigerian girl with a beautiful voice and a rebellious spirit, and Elijah, the proud Yoruba son of a pastor, fall in love while growing up in Brixton during the 80s. In 1990, Elijah unexpectedly ends their relationship. Heartbroken, Esther travels to Chicago to pursue her music career. 18 years later, Esther - now a retired RnB singer - returns to Brixton. She is searching for her abusive father, who has fled Nigeria under mysterious circumstances. By chance, she reunites with Elijah. He is now a husband, a successful finance director and leader of his late father's church. Yet he is struggling to eradicate the homophobia in his ministry. while his wife's depression suffocates their marriage.

Rekindling their friendship, Esther and Elijah travel across London to unravel the tragedy behind Esther's father's disappearance. Gradually, their romantic feelings for one another resurface and they begin an emotional and sexual affair, forcing them both to make a difficult choice..

Partly set in South London during the 1980s and interwoven with key events that shaped Black British history during that period A Prophet Who Loved Her is an entertaining, emotional and thought-provoking tale of love, identity, racism, and religion.

Author: Leke Apena.

Format: hardback.