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by Maggie Kaipah-Milne

Belonging: My Journey To Love And Acceptance


Maggie Kaipah-Milne is a yoga teacher, writer, actor, performer and poet. Born in Malawi and raised in England, young Maggie struggled to find her identity and peace. Her journey is one of transformation from bitterness, struggle, challenge and grief to peace, love, happiness, and acceptance.

She writes: ‘I have worked hard at raising my awareness for the past 30 years in pursuit of happiness, and with the intention of helping others who also want to travel this spiritual path. Deep down in the depth of my being, I knew it was possible to achieve, so I made a vow that I would search to be happy even if I died searching. This has been my life's purpose, and I love it. In writing about my life, I set out to teach what I had always wanted to learn myself. We already have the knowledge that we seek. We can tap into it whenever we want. That is the most courageous path that any of us can take - and it is a choice.’

Author : Maggie Kaipah-Milne

Format : paperback.