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by Ebony

Bolga Hat

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Stylish hats from Bolgatanga region, Ghana which is known  for for its skillful artisan crafts.

The crafting of these hats has been passed down from generation to generation. They are made using elephant grass, a crop which has rigid and resistant fibres, making the products made from it very durable.

To create the hats, the craftspeople first carefully select the appropriate fibres. These are then cut and divided into smaller fibres, which are subsequently interwoven. Finally, the woven fibres are dyed with natural colours and dried before the artisans craft the hats by hand. Each hat features a unique design.

The hats have a circumference of between 58cm and 63cm. (Please note: measurements are approximate because of the handwoven nature of this product.)

TIP: To reshape the brim, simply lightly dampen with water or steam, and form.

Available for in-store collection only.