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by Alex Wheatle

Brixton Rock


Set in South London in the 1980s, Brenton Brown is a 16-year-old mixed-race youth who has lived in a children's home all his life. He has never met his mother and is haunted by her loss.

The best thing happens: Brenton is reunited with his mother, Cynthia - and then the worst: he falls in love with his beautiful half-sister, Juliet. At the same time, Brenton meets his nemesis in the shape of Terry Flynn, a killer who scars him for life. Brenton seeks revenge. All this leads to an explosive climax with the troubled teenager struggling to hold on to his sanity.

In this updated version of the prize-winning original, Brixtonite Alex Wheatle MBE entertains us with his colourful descriptions of south London street life, as he tracks a pair of adolescent males on the loose.

Author: Alex Wheatle

Format: paperback.