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by Sandro Miller

Crowns: My Hair, My Soul, My Freedom


Sandro Miller is considered one of the world’s foremost commercial and fine art photographers. He is a Caucasian male with ancestral roots in Italy, Germany, and America. He is married to a Black woman, Claude-Aline Nazaire, whose ancestral roots are in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and America. His beautiful wife was the inspiration for this photographic book: a documentation of the creative, proud, and expressive reality that defines Black heritage and Black traditions. 

In this book, Sandro Miller has documented body art and many unspoken ways in which Black women declare their freedom – by choice and sensibility – by sculpting their hair. Each of the 140 colour portraits recognises and honours Black women’s inventive power and beauty while celebrating their endurance and cultural memory.

With a foreword by Angela Bassett and a poem from Patricia Smith edited by Anne Morin
Sandro Miller shares the pointed, upbeat ideal of Black self-expression and idealization.

Author: Sandro Miller.

Format: hardback; boxed.