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by Radical Tea Towel

Martin Luther King Peace Tea Towel


This stunning tea towel design by Radical Tea Towel Company celebrates the activist Martin Luther King, and the impact he had.

Having received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 at just 35 years of age (making him the youngest recipient of the award at the time), it’s pretty safe to say that Martin Luther King Jr. knew what he was talking about when it came to peace. He spent his life advocating for peace and justice, becoming globally famous as the symbolic leader of the American civil rights movement. Although he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968, Martin L:uther King's legacy as a global figure for equality and human rights lives on. 

The tea towel is made from sturdy, half panama weave, unbleached cotton, and it's designed and made in the UK. The special inks used to print this design mean that its vibrant colours will last in the wash.

Use it for its original purpose or frame it and hang it on a wall.

Size: 48cm x 70cm.