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by Michael McKen and Andre Small

Eating Good Vegan


Michael and Andre are London-based foodies obsessed with vibrant, flavour-packed food. In Eating Good Vegan, the duo introduce you  to some of the tastiest vegan food they have tried. These are recipes guaranteed to capture the tastebuds of the staunchest meat-eaters and bring some creativity and fresh ideas to your vegan dining table.

With over 35+ recipes, the pair have curated a menu inspired by their Caribbean roots. They've also ‘veganised’ and re-imagined old favourites, many of which have received the all-important stamp of approval from their fast-growing online audience.

No bland, boring dishes - these recipes are designed to make veganism a part of your everyday life. You’ll find quick and easy brunch recipes, outrageously good dinners, and simple drinks that will be loved when shared with friends and family.

Within these pages, you’ll find tasty recipes, such as Michael and Andre’s Vegan Curry Goat, which has an uncanny resemblance, texture, and flavor profile to the original non-vegan, popular Caribbean dish. There's also Vegan Crispy Calamari', Vegan Tuna Melt, and Vegan Kentucky Fried Chickin.

Whether you’re already sold on a plant-based diet or simply want less meat on your plate, these recipes are for you.

Authors:  Michael McKen and Andre Small.   

Format: paperback.