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by Bodé Aboderin

Fatherhood By Papa B: A Game-Changing Guide For Parents, Father Figures And Fathers-To-Be


Father of three, motivational speaker and influencer Bodé Aboderin (AKA Papa B) is on a mission to show the world that Black fatherhood is not only compatible with ambition, but can inspire, nourish and amplify it too.

Doing away with the negative stereotypes associated with being a Black dad in Britain, Papa B is using his natural flair for motivational speaking to share the joyful and transformative journey of starting a family, including the challenges involved and the opportunities to grow along the way.

Bodé reflects on how his own upbringing, alongside stigmas about fatherhood, race, and masculinity, have impacted his experiences of being a father. He also talks candidly about how to overcome challenges commonly experienced by parents - from breaking generational cycles and adapting to modern-day family dynamics to communicating with your child and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Author: Bodé Aboderin.

Format: hardback.