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by Patrice Lawrence

Granny Came Here On The Empire Windrush


One day, Ava is asked to dress as an inspirational figure for assembly at school, but who should she choose? Granny suggests famous familiar figures such as Winifred Atwell, Mary Seacole and Rosa Parks, and tells Ava all about their fascinating histories, but Ava's classmates have got there first - and she must choose someone else. But who?

And then Ava finds a mysterious old suitcase - Granny's 'grip' - and Granny begins to share her own history of how she came to England on the Empire Windrush many years ago.

Granny tells her story through the precious items that accompanied her on the original voyage; each one evoking a memory of home, and as Ava listens to how Granny built a life for herself in England - determined to stay against the odds and despite overwhelming homesickness - she realises that there is a hero very close to home that she wants to celebrate more than anyone: her very own brave and beloved granny.

Author: Patrice Lawrence.

Format: hardback.