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by Lethally Her

Manifestation Journal


Get ready to change the direction of your life forever!!

The team at Leathally Her have pulled together EVERYTHING they have learned over the years to create over 150 daily journaling prompts to help you uncover the endless possibilities that lay ahead of you. Whatever your story is, as long as you are looking to grow and evolve then this is for you. 

This guided journaling experience - backed by a clinical psychologist - is filled with daily tasks to help you smash through anything and everything that is holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Each day you will read and complete a task or prompt; a mixture of journal entries, cute drawings, colouring-in pages or simply pouring out your feelings.

On this journaling journey, you will unlock your creativity and begin to imagine a world where anything is possible. One question at a time, you will uncover one dream after the other until you have designed an entire future. By constantly talking, writing, visualising, dreaming and (of course) taking action on the things you want, you will force them to become a reality.


  • a no-pressure, undated guided journal that will help you prioritise wisely and plan ahead
  • 15min exercises that will help you build self-awareness so you can understand your needs and boundaries
  • made from recycled paper, plant-based ink and natural fibres.

This journal paired with Lethally Her's killer productivity planner, will set you up for success!

Size A5.