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by Diverse Home

Natural Incense Packs

Select Mood

Our incense is hand-dipped using special bamboo sticks coated in tree powder, then coated in a guar gum from tree sap. Only essential oils or high quality perfume oil is used. We love it for the originality and integrity of the scents, and the low level of smoke.

Each pack contains a carefully selected combination of 4 - 5 scents, designed to evoke a particular mood or atmosphere.

Choose from:

LOVE Romantic. Key scents: Angel Essence and Black Love.

PEACE Calming. Key scents: Mystic and Tonka Bean.

EARTH Grounding. Key scents: Sandalwood and Patchouli.

CITRUS Energising. Key scents: Jasmine Flower, and Lime Basil and Mandarin.

The incense sticks come in a resealable bag to preserve the scents. 

Burn time approx. 1 hour per stick. 

12 sticks per pack.

Place in an incense burner and never leave unattended while burning.