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by Chronicle Books

Spark Inspirational Matches

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These eye-catching matchboxes contain 50 faux matchsticks with printed prompts to spark Wellness, Balance. Creativity and Success. Slide open the box to reveal 50 kraft sticks shaped like oversized matches, each printed with a distinct prompt. Pick a stick to revitalise your daily routine, or whenever inspiration strikes.

These boxes are so beautifully designed, they look like a wrapped present. They make the perfect complement to candles, face masks, and all kinds of self-care items.

Choose from:

BALANCE: Accessible prompts in a portable box that will genuinely help to cultivate a more balanced lifestyle. Includes mindfulness practices and self-care activities. The gift of rejuvenation and calm, this is a perfect way to refresh for a New Year - New You intention, or any time of the year.

CREATIVITY: This matchbox contains prompts applicable to any type of creative pursuit, be it visual art, music, writing, or any other practice that requires idea-generation. It's the gift of inspiration, with effective strategies to spark creativity and get unstuck.

WELLNESS: Full of ways to feel your best, this box contains 50 prompts for living your healthiest life in mind, body, and spirit. Boost your energy, outlook and overall wellbeing. It's a great way to refresh and treat yourself come the New Year, or a thoughtful gift on any occasion.

SUCCESS: Your dreams are within reach! This box contains with 50 prompts to help you dream big, aim high, and accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.