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by Sarina Mantle

The Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine Self-Discovery Colouring Journal is the new release from Sarina Mantle, who brought you the best selling Women + Patterns + Plants. Her latest interactive colouring book combines the wisdom of the divine feminine with self-care rituals, reviving ancient knowledge to empower you in the everyday.

Featuring transformative illustrations that will take you on a journey through divine feminine states, this book explores all aspects of the maiden, mother, crone, and wild woman archetypes. And anyone can embody these archetypes - The Divine Feminine Self-Discovery Colouring Journal encourages you to harness the feminine energy within yourself, no matter how you identify.

Sarina blends the practices of yoga, colouring, mindfulness, and meditation to produce a book intended for reflection and personal growth. What will you learn about your inner goddess?

  • reflective and prompts for true self-discovery and healing
  • gorgeous black and white illustrations 
  • stunning bold and beautiful endpapers.

Author: Sarina Mantle.

Format: paperback.