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by bell hooks

We Real Cool: Black Men And Masculinity


We Real Cool is bell hooks urgent and refreshingly untraditional take on Black men and masculinity. Black men, writes hooks, may be hated, feared, admired, or made the subject of sexual fantasy but they are rarely loved - either by others or by themselves.

In ten clear, thought-provoking chapters, hooks discusses things many Black men fear (like an ability to engage with intimacy or meaningful relationships with their fathers, and longing for love). Patriarchy, conservative religious traditions and outmoded notions of what is an 'acceptable' way of being a man, all diminish Black men's self-respect. 

In We Real Cool, hooks urges Black men to resist victimhood and embrace accountability for their own lives. Black men, she writes, cannot emerge as loving individuals until they develop self-esteem and the capacity to confront systems of domination in a constructive way.

This visionary book offers light and encouragement not only for Black men and women  but also for anyone who wants to understand how systems of oppression can be dismantled through courage and love.

Author: bell hooks.

Format: paperback.