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Black Pound Day Special: 10 Black-Owned Businesses We Love

With the hugely successful Black Pound Day movement raising awareness of all the amazing Black-owned businesses out there, we thought we'd join the party with a list of some of the Black businesses we love that might not be on our customers' radar.

So the team put our heads together and identified 10 Black businesses we actually use, follow or have long admired. 

We think they're great. We hope you will too, and that you'll engage with them.

1. Alt-Africa

An online and print arts review magazine that aims to bring news from the arts 'through a unique cultural lens'.
Why we love it
It looks at the creative world from an afrocentric perspective and shares stories from the arts that you rarely find in mainstream media.
Where to find it 
Follow: @alt_africa_

2. The Curl Bar London

A unique hair salon that specialises in type 3 and 4 wavy, curly and coily hair.
Favourite service
Its curl-by-curl cut which is a dry cut that takes the shape and fall of each curl into account to ensure your curls look their best and you get a clean shape.
Where to find it
Salon: 210 Middle Lane, London N8 7LA.
Follow: @thecurlbarlondon

3. Aff and Jam

A clothing company specialising in sustainable, hand-painted wearable art.
Favourite product
The 'Honey Honey' scarf.
Where to find them
Follow: @affandjam

4. Prick LDN

London's first boutique dedicated to cacti and other succulents (great if you struggle to keep plants alive!)
Favourite product
Aloe vera plant.
Where to find it
Store: 492 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AE
Follow: @prickldn

5. BYTE London

Mauritian and West Indian catering, meal prep and food delivery service.
Favourite dish
Creole lentils with fried fish.
Where to find it
Follow: @byteldn

6. Skndoctor

Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, a renowned medical and cosmetic doctor, specialises in skin care and non-surgical enhancement.
Favourite treatment
Micro-needling to freshen the skin.
Where to find her 
Clinic: 11 Golden Square, London W1F 9JB 
Follow:  @skndoctor

7. Herbalmix

Healthy lifestyle store selling dried herbs, tonics, supplements, natural hair and skin care, and African art and crafts.
Favourite products
Sea moss and powdered milk thistle.
Where to find it
Store: 419 Whitehorse Rd, London CR7 8SD

8. Original Products Religious Artefacts and Herbs  

A fascinating shop for the spiritually-inclined, selling herbs, oils and candles. 
Favourite product
The High John The Conqueror oil (for attracting good things in life).
Where to find it 
Store: 8 Market Row, London SW9 8LD

9. Paa Halzuwn

An African-inspired mathematical board game.
Why we love it
Does the impossible by making maths fun.
Where to find it
Follow: @enterthescifa

10. Modeste Finds

Paula Modeste sells carefully curated vintage finds. She's a style maven and has one of the funniest profiles on Instagram.
Favourite product
Customised army jacket.
Where to find her
Stall: Lower Marsh Market, London SE1 7RG (Saturdays)
Follow: @modestefinds

We also have over 100 products by Black businesses on our website. Explore our 'Black Owned' collection here.

What are some of your favourite Black-owned businesses? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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