Black Pound Day Special: 10 Black Businesses We Love

by Diverse Team on

With the hugely successful Black Pound Day movement raising awareness of all the amazing Black-owned businesses out there, we thought we'd join the party with a list of...

Why (Most) White-Owned Card Shops Don’t Sell Black Cards

by Anita Thorpe on - 1 Comment

The murder of George Floyd and the protests that followed have highlighted racial disparities in every corner of  our society. In this month's blog post, Diverse founder, Anita...

Staying Productive In Challenging Times

by Guest Blogger on

Lockdown is slowly being lifted but many of us are still working from home, uncertain about the future - especially if we're self-employed. In this blog post, entrepreneur Janet...

Wrappers Delight

by Team Diverse on

This month we talk with Sylvia Emodi, textile designer, headwrapping expert and presenter of our Art of Headwrapping workshop, about how she got into headwrapping, cultural appropriation, headwrap...

Lets Hear It For The Girls!

by Anita Thorpe on

Valentines Day is becoming almost as popular as Valentines Day. Below we explain its origins and offers some ideas on how to celebrate. February is the ‘month of...

I Went Vegan For 21 Days And This Is What Happened

by Anita Thorpe on

I Went Vegan For 21 Days And This Is What Happened

Welcome to the Makerhood!

by Team Diverse on

This month's blog post focuses on one of our key projects at this time of the year: the Makerhood Festive Showcase. The Showcase is an annual event that's...

Hi there!

by Anita Thorpe on

A quick hello from Diverse and welcome to our online shop. We also have shopping options on our Facebook Page and Instagram so please follow us to keep...